The State of Things

A (not so) brief catch up here: Its been a year since the last time I posted on here. I for real forgot that I had this blog. Like I completely forgot. And boy have I changed. And not changed. I don’t know.

Soooo… I need to vent a tiny bit, and I can’t do it to people I know irl because I feel like I annoy the hell out of them. Pretty sure whoever is reading this knows what I’m venting about. My embarrassment of a country. Yeah. Not a surprise that when I woke up yesterday morning (at 5 a.m. oh my god), I looked at the results of the 2016 election (against my own will, too. I just wanted an hour of sleep), and when I saw that (I hate saying this) Trump fucking won? Oh. My. God. I broke. I got, what, 5 and a half hours of sleep that night? I stayed up til past 11:00 because I was anxious about this mess, until I passed out from my post-shower sleepy haze. Anyway, the lack of sleep + the bad news = me crying for roughly 45 minutes immediately after waking up. I’m still flashing back to yesterday morning, and the fear/disappointment I felt in that moment. I’m still terrified, actually. And I have to spend the next four years of my short life with this nasty old gum wad and the dirt that stuck to him as the leader of my country (old gum wad being Trump, dirt being Pence. If that wasn’t obvious, lol. I really can’t tell.)

Anyway, I’ve been feeling way worse today than I have in a long time, possibly the worst I’ve ever felt. And no amount of shitposts, memes, and illegally uploaded Bo Burnham songs will help (I’m kidding, I watched the version of what. that Bo uploaded himself, not an illegal version. I would never break the law hahahahhahaha).

I’ve been listening to angsty music to justify my feelings, though (thanks Green Day!) and trying not to think too much about it altogether. Really, I’m incredibly embarrassed and scared of my country, and of the people who live here. I feel like I need to apologize to the rest of the world on behalf of my country, even though I didn’t cause this. I’m sorry to everyone watching our struggles and being affected by whatever stupid shit happens over here. Hopefully, we can do better in four years, if we’re still around.

~Coolio out


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