Fun Fact

Exercise and suffering are synonyms.

Another fun fact, directly related to the previous one: I’m suffering.

My abs (more like tum, there’s no visible muscles lol) are in pain and I’m not enjoying it at all. Also, I have absolutely no clue how to exercise efficiently and safely for my body?? Really, I have no business doing pushups, if I’m gonna complain this much.

It’s a good suffering though, I guess. I know my muscles are benefiting, even if my general comfort isn’t.

Last fun fact: from the few exercises I’ve done on my budget of zero, I’ve determined that pushups and sit-ups work the abs, jumping jacks get calves, squats (presuming I did them right) do thighs, and cookie making gets the arms as a whole. Actually, baking in general gets the arms, but mostly cookies (since stirring is so strenuous).


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