i feel like this is my venting place lol

I guess it is, idk. Whatever. There are more important things to discuss (meaning I’m talking to myself).

Important means Steven Universe and Carmilla, right now. So I mentioned Steven Universe briefly once, I think. Well, we got a new episode today, as we do every Thursday now. Not gonna lie here when I say I had to stop the TV a few times so I could yell. Not like angrily, more like “omg garnet is so adorable sometimes she kills me” or “peridot is so uneducated about earth it’s hilarious” kinda yelling. Overwhelmed, high-pitched kinda yelling. I can’t give any specifics besides “I love you. Bye.” That’s the line that I’ve been replaying and yelling about. (plus Peri ran into a wall, which was pretty funny)

But Carmilla





I don’t think I’ve said anything about carmilla on here ever. That changes now. So I just watched the season 2 finale (16 minutes!!!! that’s like three and a half normal episodes!!!! on top of a new Steven universe!!!!!!! do u understand why I’m yelling!!!!!!!)

and ooooohhhh my gooodddd

just oh my god

that’s all I can say oh my god

(I feel like I’m reverting back to the embarrassing times a few years ago that I try so hard to forget)

not gonna lie I went back to rewatch the Steven universe episode and when I reached garnets little “I love you” line I got up and started pacing the front room and yelling. I even got some oatmeal cookies and angry ate?? ( they were good cookies too)

I feel like I’ve vented enough fo keep watching (and the tv just unpaused lol) I’m going now

~coolio out


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