Fun Fact

Exercise and suffering are synonyms.

Another fun fact, directly related to the previous one: I’m suffering.

My abs (more like tum, there’s no visible muscles lol) are in pain and I’m not enjoying it at all. Also, I have absolutely no clue how to exercise efficiently and safely for my body?? Really, I have no business doing pushups, if I’m gonna complain this much.

It’s a good suffering though, I guess. I know my muscles are benefiting, even if my general comfort isn’t.

Last fun fact: from the few exercises I’ve done on my budget of zero, I’ve determined that pushups and sit-ups work the abs, jumping jacks get calves, squats (presuming I did them right) do thighs, and cookie making gets the arms as a whole. Actually, baking in general gets the arms, but mostly cookies (since stirring is so strenuous).


how hard is it to not pick on me

I always hear about people struggling with bullying at school and from peers and whatever, but I’ve really never experienced it like that. The only possible bullying I’ve gotten from peers was in middle school, and that was once and the kid was a jerkwad who needed his butt kicked. I go through more garbage from my parents than I ever have in school. They don’t respect me when I ask them to stop calling me things and making fun of my nicknames, mainly. (Obviously there’s the whole bit where they’re conservatives who don’t respect my political opinions, and it probably does tie in to the name thing.) Now, for reasons that will go unsaid, I am incredibly sensitive about my name. I hate it, and I have good reasons, but I can’t get them to use a different names for other unsaid reasons. I’ve resigned myself to this name, at least for now. But my bestie (he’s two, and incredibly adorable) has given me a name based off of the one I hate, and that’s perfectly fine, because it’s adorable. But as soon as they hear about it, they start using it as though its a joke and teasing me about it. Naturally, I’m upset, so I ask them to stop. Makes sense, perfectly reasonable request, right? Evidently not, because that prompted more teasing. Now I’m semi-pissed and don’t want to be in the same room as them, which is difficult, since we live together. Really though, if they had just left it, I wouldn’t be upset, and they wouldn’t have gotten upset at whatever I said in response to the aggravation. I just wish parents had more respect for their children, honestly. Home situations would be a lot more tolerable if parents did respect their children.

i feel like this is my venting place lol

I guess it is, idk. Whatever. There are more important things to discuss (meaning I’m talking to myself).

Important means Steven Universe and Carmilla, right now. So I mentioned Steven Universe briefly once, I think. Well, we got a new episode today, as we do every Thursday now. Not gonna lie here when I say I had to stop the TV a few times so I could yell. Not like angrily, more like “omg garnet is so adorable sometimes she kills me” or “peridot is so uneducated about earth it’s hilarious” kinda yelling. Overwhelmed, high-pitched kinda yelling. I can’t give any specifics besides “I love you. Bye.” That’s the line that I’ve been replaying and yelling about. (plus Peri ran into a wall, which was pretty funny)

But Carmilla





I don’t think I’ve said anything about carmilla on here ever. That changes now. So I just watched the season 2 finale (16 minutes!!!! that’s like three and a half normal episodes!!!! on top of a new Steven universe!!!!!!! do u understand why I’m yelling!!!!!!!)

and ooooohhhh my gooodddd

just oh my god

that’s all I can say oh my god

(I feel like I’m reverting back to the embarrassing times a few years ago that I try so hard to forget)

not gonna lie I went back to rewatch the Steven universe episode and when I reached garnets little “I love you” line I got up and started pacing the front room and yelling. I even got some oatmeal cookies and angry ate?? ( they were good cookies too)

I feel like I’ve vented enough fo keep watching (and the tv just unpaused lol) I’m going now

~coolio out