A Brief Letter to Teachers

1.) I realize you want us to be proficient in your subject, and you want to ensure that we aren’t wasting class time when you’re absent, but busy work is NOT the answer. When you require it returned that class, it isn’t finished. When you make it homework, we don’t do it in class. Come up with a more efficient way of spending our class time and enforcing a lesson.

2.) A three day weekend does not mean assign more homework! I get your thought process. You think, “hmm the students have an extra day, so they can do a little extra work for me and get a concept better.” And that would work, really, it would! …If all the other teachers didn’t do the same exact thing. Also, some students spend their three day weekends with family, and really don’t have the time to spare for your work. Just play it safe and save your students a potential panic attack, and try not to assign more homework than is necessary.

3.) Projects are horrible. I understand, you want students to have more in-depth knowledge on something. That’s wonderful! But when every other teacher thinks, “Oh three weeks in, time for a project!” it really doesn’t help anything. If you absolutely think we need to do a project, give us more class time and refrain from required group projects. Group projects can put a lot of stress on students, especially those with social anxiety. They also bring out the worst in the slackers, so they often end up as single-person projects with a few extra names tacked onto the first powerpoint slide.

4.) This is also project related, but it deserved it’s own note. Presentations are a BAD IDEA. Some students might think “Yeaaah lets get up there and do this” but most will think “oh god not again.” I know in my case, I get incredibly shaky and feel nauseous when I need to present. If you want to ensure that your classroom doesn’t need a janitor, do NOT make students present their projects.

Sincerely, an incredibly stressed out baby.

Those are all the complaints I have right now. If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve got two projects to do, busy work to finish, and apparently some French writing to do that I don’t recall being told about in class *glaring at teacher*

I’m so tired right now, I’m starting to consider feigning sickness tomorrow. But that’s a bad idea, because I’d only end up with more work.

On a completely unrelated note, today is this blog’s second birthday! (Cue the party hats, birthday cake, and those things you blow on and they squeak. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that unroll?) I guess I’m a neglectful parent since half this time, I’ve been absent. Good thing I’m not having children, I’d probably forget they existed. (My tomato plants now have hornworms being eaten by wasp eggs and my marigolds don’t exist any more. Oopsie…)

I’ve procrastinated long enough. Time to go face the hell my teachers helped me bring upon myself. Wish me luck, I guess.

~Coolio out


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