Writing Essays is So Stressful

I am currently, if you hadn’t guessed, writing an essay. I’m shocked I started so early, actually. Normally I would have started right now, at almost 10:30, and stayed up until midnight. Maybe since I started so much earlier, I’ll get some real sleep tonight. (One can only hope…) Sleep would be really nice right now.

I’m supposed to be looking at myself and writing like a personal essay. I don’t think that’s a very good idea, given that my personality is a mess, and what I can pull out of it is absolutely not anything positive. But if that’s what the teacher wants, I guess that’s what she’ll get. I’ve spent the past hour trying to remember a specific summer from around four and a half years ago. (Was it really that far? Time is so confusing, honestly. It goes by so fast.) I’ve almost finished the essay, but boy, do I need a break. The only thing motivating me at this point is the promise of Starbucks tomorrow morning, which isn’t normal for me. (It’s quite weird, though. I actually had some on Sunday. Two Starbucks in the same week is especially rare for me.) I’m just having a lot of trouble staying on topic in my essay, so I guess I needed a little splurge on this kind of rambling. (Ugh I sound like a wine mom, saying splurge. Couldn’t think of any other words, though.) I’ve gotten almost 250 words in the past ten minutes. It’s taken me the past hour to get that essay. (520 words at the moment, which is more than I thought it was. Actually, I’m really close to my word cut-off. Weird. Writing is hard, man.) I need to focus a little more, then, so I’ll finish this essay and then do some French. (Listening to some Coeur de Pirate right now actually. To get myself in a French-speaking mood, of course.)

Then I guess I’ll just ~Coolio out for now


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