some things i didnt say

To the very pretty cashier who smiled at me on Sunday, your eyeliner looked great. Also sorry we looked rushed, I had to go somewhere and we’d spent too long in the store, you weren’t doing anything wrong.

To the girl I ran into in the hallway, I apologize for apologizing in French, because going off of the dirty look you gave me, you don’t speak French and didn’t hear any apology from me.

To the girl who’s foot I stepped on today, I’m really sorry, I don’t think I apologized enough after that. I saw you were wearing sandals, so it had to have hurt more than you let on. Also I’m sorry for putting my hand on your shoulder when apologizing, it was part reflex, part me steadying myself.

To the waiter who called me buddy when taking my order, thank you, but you should have left it at that.

There’s probably more I meant to say but didn’t, but I can’t remember them. I just felt really bad for not complimenting the cashier, really. I just remembered the last few and thought, sure why not.

~Coolio out, I guess


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