I Disappeared, Didn’t I…

Oh man, I can’t believe my blog wasn’t deleted due to inactivity or something. So, I had the app downloaded a while ago (just under a year, I guess), but I figured that since I never did anything and the app was taking space I needed for important things (Sims, Spotify, and Kim K: Hollywood are very important), I might as well delete it. Well, I went back on my browser on my phone a few months ago after remembering it, but I forgot my login (whoops). I kind of gave up at that point :/ But wouldn’t you know it, while trying to do French homework, which just happened to be a blog response (not done writing that, also whoops), I realized I was still logged in on my laptop. (Also kind of shocked I wasn’t timed out or anything. Weird.)

Anyways, yes, I am still alive. I made it through Physics with a B (yeah, a b for barely am i right), and my other classes weren’t too bad either (meaning the others I made A’s in). My entire summer, I basically either sat in bed or on the couch, always doing something on my phone. I started watching Steven Universe (an adorable, body-positive show on Cartoon Network, very good, I highly recommend it!!) and I’m extremely invested in what’s supposed to be a children’s show. Who cares about that though, right? I’m also all caught up on Adventure Time (also on CN) and Gravity Falls (on DisneyXD I believe). And CN started a new show called We Bare Bears that’s pretty cute too. It has cute animation, and lots of representation, which is a very refreshing change. Really tired of live-action TV (is that what it’s called? I don’t things that aren’t animated, is what I’m saying). Very ashamed to admit that I have started and finished quite a few anime (god I’m such a weeb -_-). I have nothing to defend myself with here, I’m really just a weeb who has zero self-control.

My personal life? Well, we got a dog recently. She hasn’t grown out of the play-biting phase, so I’ve got bruises up my left arm. She’s cute though, so I guess it’s all right. I’m gonna go ahead and say that she’s probably the most interesting thing that’s happened since I left off less than a year ago.

Wow, already at almost four hundred words. Why can’t I write this much in French??? Speaking of, I have things to finish, and it’s almost 11:30 P.M., which is bad news for the one who needs to be up before 6:00 tomorrow. This is pretty much how my sleep schedule’s been for the last week, actually. I’m not excited for a year of 6 hours of sleep a night. Well, I’m gonna go figure out how to respond to that blog post without signing out of this blog. (I don’t need my french class having access to this, good god that’d be terrible)

How’d I end these before? ~Coolio (??? I think this was how I did it idk really)


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