Sweet Dreams

Okay my titles are just utter crap at this point. I do apologize for them.

Last night, I had a dream. It was kinda weird, so I decided to tell you. Okay background information.

I think, after big events that I get really excited and maybe kinda nervous about, I get dreams ranging from “uh that was kinda strange” to “what the heck what drugs was I on omg”. These dreams were somewhere in the middle. They were more funny than weird. (I was at a friend’s party yesterday and I had to wear nice clothes and saw someone I haven’t seen in forever who I really love and there were a lot of internalized emotions on my part.)

Okay, so in the first dream, I was asked to watch something on the stove and turn in off when it was done. Seemed pretty simple, so I set a timer and went with it. Before I could finish it, though, I heard arguing, and it was coming towards me. I wasn’t in any danger though, it was just my parents arguing about the price of something they’d bought while they were out. They had some shopping bags, so I decided to help them carry them in. We got the groceries put away and there was one more bag left. I go to take care of it and iTS A PUPPY. I didn’t know what to do, I was kinda shocked. (Turns out, some guy made them pay $300 for it instead of $200, which both seem like really outrageous prices for a dog. I’d expect, like, three dogs with shots and all of them spayed/neutered and house trained AND toys and trained to play things like fetch. Now you all know what I really want. But I’ll accept lil kittens too omg kittens. I need to stop. Back to the dream.) This puppy was very little and very red. He was kinda fox-ish. He had a white tummy and paws and the rest was red. He was maybe the size of a kitten, but not like a newborn. Yknow when kittens reach that sorta “teen” stage where they’re not babies and not adults and they’re kinda skinny and flexible and all that? He was about that big, but idk how flexible. I was kinda surprised, so I guess the logical thing to do was go take a nap??? So I go upstairs to my room and lie down on the floor and I look over and little puppy followed me! I think this is when I realized how fox-like he was. I mean, he hasn’t barked, he didn’t clomp up the stairs like most puppies would have (actually most puppies wouldn’t have been able to make it very far, but oh well. We’re dreaming right now, logic has no place here). So lil puppy comes over to me and crawls uNDER MY ARM (like Simba did in the Lion King, except nowhere near as sad) and we lie there and cuddle for a while. Flash forward through time and we’re outside with our other dogs (which we don’t have in real life. I think there were five dogs???? Dream me is a crazy dog person I guess. There go my hopes of twelve cats. *sigh*) and my mom is calling their names because they were running around and being noisy, as dogs do. So one of us comments on how puppy, who’s now almost done being a puppy (He’s about teenage puppy size), doesn’t have a name. And so I’m brainstorming. I think of movies and books about foxes and throw out the name Hound, but it got shot down. Then I started thinking about bands??? And I suggested Patrick and Pete, and mom said “Patrick! Great” and that’s where the dream switched into some weird mutant thing that had nothing to do with the dog I mentally created.

That’s the story of how my need for a dog is now projecting itself inside my dreams. It’s not helping anything, my parents won’t allow any more dogs diggity dangit. I need these hopes to be projected into dad’s dreams, then maybe he’d get some common sense.

I am done explainering my dreams to you, friends. Happy birthday, and good day.

NO WAIT I’m catching up in Supernatural and omg I got introduced to Charlie AND Kevin yesterday and it was amazing okay I’m done now.

~Coolio out


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