So according to WordPress, I registered a year ago. I’ve been plaguing this website for a year. Wowowow. Celebrate, my children.

Anyway, I’m back. *moriarty voice* Did you miss me?

My fast was a sad failure. I broke after maybe a week and got back on Facebook, but I didn’t get on pinterest till yesterday and here till (obviously) today. Um, I feel kinda out of practice???

So I plan on being Marceline for Halloween this year. Her costume seems fairly simple, but I need to make her guitar. One of my friends is going as Marshall Lee, so we’re gonna be like twins. (Also, Marceline and Marshall Lee are characters from Adventure Time. Marshall is the genderbent Marcy. Google them if you want, they’re pretty cool. They’re vampires.)

Um I started listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds. 10/10 recommend. Have I recommended her? Idk, I’m gonna do it again. Also, I found this singer on YouTube, ashestoashesjc, I highly suggest you go listen because Ashe’s voice is beautiful. I personally like Perks (one of Ashe’s own songs) so go listen, as it will make you happy.

Um um um I’m reaaallly out of practice, I guess. I started going on walks again, now that it’s colder. I do actually use it to procrastinate, I’m about to after I finish this. (This is also me procrastinating.)
I currently have homework in about half my classes. (I have to read an entire book still, and research a couple colleges, as well as do some AP physics work. I’ll have you know, I hate physics, okay? Why I’m taking an AP physics course is beyond me.) But I’m over here procrastinating. Okay, I’m gonna go on my walk. Farewell children!
~Coolio out


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