Okay. Yesterday was August 1st, and as far as I know, the apocalypse has not happened, so I think we’re all safe. (Let’s hope I didn’t jinx it…)

My sister was sick yesterday and she was slightly delirious. She woke up from her nap and walked to my mom, almost crying, and asked her why the blanket she was sleeping with was so big. Not terribly funny, just slightly confusing, as it wasn’t even very big. But then my mom started asking her basic questions: what house are you in (ours, but she said Squidward’s), stuff like that. Then she said “I’ve got big buns all over the place!” (Spongebob was on TV and there were Krabby Patty buns all over the place.) My mom saw I was laughing and gave me The Look. (“Stop laughing, you’re gonna make me laugh” is the one I’m referring to). My other sister walked in and mom asked who she was. Sick sister said “Squidward’s sister.” Mom made her come into the kitchen again and sick sister started crying and said “Why did Squidward do this to me?” (What? Did he make her sick? Idk.) Her deliria started to clear up after that, but I found it hilarious.

A couple days ago, I went into a Hot Topic, and what do you know. Panic! at the Disco was playing loudly, and all the employees were singing along, so I felt instantly at home. I saw Attack on Titan stuff, Sword Art Online, and a bunch of other stuff, but the best one was the Supernatural. They had an entire rack of Supernatural merch. It was beautiful. I fell in love. If there were a Hot Topic closer to where I live, I’d apply for a job so fast, I swear. I’ll probably end up working at the movie theater or the pet store, idk.

So, I’m a little upset. School for me is in less than a week and I still haven’t finished my summer reading. I also don’t know if I had summer work for math, and I can’t check because I forgot what class I’m taking. I’m seriously considering not doing it at all and just dropping out and homeschooling or something. (The only thing stopping me is the thought of being at home 24/7 with my mom. The sarcasm would kill us both.) I hate myself for procrastinating this for TWO MONTHS. I do this to myself every time, too. And every time it happens, I get sent into this crisis and I start thinking about how nothing is worth it because we’re all gonna die anyway, and that does nothing to motivate me.

But remember: my sister is actually Squidward’s sister, and we live in Squidward’s house.
~Coolio out


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