Fast Food, yum

Okay, so I’m currently fighting my way through my summer reading (but you’re only like two pages in???) AND IM ALREADY FIGHTING UGH
Anyway, I’ve decided that, since this book is meant to put us off fast food (or, at least, that’s what I think) I want to find a way to eat some fast food in my English class at the beginning of the school year, just to make everyone else feel sick. (Wow you’re horrible) I know.
(But won’t you hate fast food too?) Hahaha! No. I eat domino’s every Friday, Taco Bell every Sunday (although, that one’s kinda not my choice), Sonic any time we go shopping (don’t tell my sisters, they don’t know about the ice cream), and Burger King all the time. What I wouldn’t give for a breakfast burrito from sonic right now. I am determined to defy this book. I will keep my unhealthy habits because they’re cheap-ish and simple (and if I’m going to college I better get used to ramen and McDonalds all the time). Besides, I eat nice homemade meals all the time. I can afford to eat unhealthy crap from fast food places. Maybe not all the time, but sometimes. And eventually, I’ll stop eating the stuff for a long enough time that they’ll make me sick when I try again. (That happened to me with soda. It was scary. I’m used to soda again, so we’re good.)

I’m gonna look back at this in a while and be horrified at my eating habits, I know.

Anyway, back to struggling through Fast Food Nation. Nonfiction required readings are gonna be the death of me. But don’t worry. I have a cat to pet when the reading gets too stressful and make me cry again.
Seriously though, do either FFN or the Jungle get any easier while reading? Because if not, I’m screwed.
~Coolio out


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