Hummingbirds are NOT giant bees.

Hello friends. I have a story to tell so listen up.

I was sitting on our porch swing, trying to enjoy the light rain (I love rain so much) and I was getting all comfortable and stuff. Right when I settled down, I heard this really loud buzzing close to my head and instinct took over. Immediately, I jumped up, swatted at the air, and got as far away from the swing as possible. Somehow, I managed to keep my book in my arm, so I stared at the swing for a second and went inside to compose myself.
I calmed down sufficiently, so I went back outside, but I didn’t sit down. I stood across from the swing, staring at it, listening for the slightest sound of buzzing, and after about five minutes, I decided it was safe. So I sat down and looked up at the hummingbird feeder hanging next to the swing and I thought of something.
I went to tell my mom the story, and then I asked “What do hummingbirds sound like?” And she proceeded to make a buzzing noise… the same buzzing that had scared me half to death the first time.
Now knowing it was a hummingbird, not a giant murderous bee demon (or something along those lines…), I sat back down on the porch swing. I read a little, stared at the rain, finally calm, when a hummingbird flew near me. Again, I heard the buzzing and my mind instantly flashed GIANT BEE. FLAIL AND RUN AWAY OR IT’LL KILL YOU. Instinct took hold of my arms and I flailed like an idiot, before I remembered: hummingbirds. (Cue Bobby Singer voice. “Idjit.”)
But by that point, the hummingbird was gone, so, alas, no pictures.
The end.

ALSO I went to the library today and got The Princess Bride and the second book in the Delirium trilogy, Pandemonium. I’m still trying to finish Seraphina, so I’ll get to those two later. I had almost forgotten how great it felt to walk out of the library with more adventures in hand. As I was walking to the car, I opened both and smelled them, and the lady walking next to me stared. (She’s just jealous because I had books to smell and she didn’t.)

~Coolio out


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