Braces *shudder*

So, I’ve had braces for about… four months? Maybe? Idk probably. Anyway, I got them tightened yesterday. They don’t feel too bad. What’s really bugging me is my appliance. It’s supposed to stretch out my jaw or something. Anyway, they adjusted that too and now my teeth hurt. It’s been making me want to bite down all day, but that makes them hurt more. I was thinking about it and I realized: it’s like I’m teething. Yep. I’ve been demoted to infant status. Does that mean I can have people hand feed me? Can I choose who? And what? Because we all know I’d choose Misha Collins, just to hang out with him. (Although having to feed me might kill the mood…) Also cheesecake. Always cheesecake. I could eat cheesecake nonstop if I had the resources.

Also I was talking to my mother about Sam, Dean, and Cas, and she said “why are you telling me about your crushes?” And I’m like ‘pssshssshhh no of course not’ (and on the inside I was like yeah no really I just want to hug them and watch TV and eat food with them. The fact that they’re attractive is a bonus.) But then she said “What if Dean pulled up in his fancy black car and offered to take you on a hunt? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do it.” And I said “No of course not I’d be dead within the episode.” And she laughed and ate her ice cream, but that made me think: what if it did happen? What if I could drop everything and go be a hunter with Sam and Dean and Cas and not die like every other character? Would I do it? My answer: Heck yeah. Of course. I’d be so hardcore, crying at everything and missing every shot I’d take and getting kidnapped by demons. Not actually, I’d train first. Then I’d be hardcore. (Probably still cry a lot but oh well.) So if one of the boys ever does offer, I’m leaving and the chances of me updating are slim. So if I’m ever not updating for a while, assume that’s the reason, okay?
~Coolio out


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