Calming Things

Hello darlings. I was feeling kinda sad earlier, so I put on some Port Blue. Yes, it might have intensified the sadness, but it also kinda made me feel better, y’know? I don’t know, I’m weird. I seem to like being kinda sad, I guess. But then, I decided to put on some Rainymood, because, what’s a sad instrumental song without some rain in the background? After that, my ears were satisfied, what with all the sad, calm music and rain and stuff. However, I had nothing to do with my hands, or my eyes, and I wasn’t ready to go to sleep. (I mean, come on, I had my laptop playing music, my phone playing rainymood, I wasn’t about to leave them on and drain their batteries. Also, I could have rolled over and crushed one in my sleep, and I don’t know where I’d be if that happened.) So, I decided to turn to my old friend, tumblr. Yes, I remember tumblr. I stalk some of my friends sometimes, just to see how they’re doing. (Sometimes they rant on their blogs, and I like feeling like I’m there listening to them and understanding them. I will always always always be there when someone wants to open up and talk, but I usually don’t have any good words of advice or comfort, so I kinda just do this to keep a nice balance.) Anyway, some people on tumblr do masterposts of stuff. (I don’t know who came up with the idea, but they’re an absolute genius. Thank you, mystery person!) I decided to search calming masterposts, and the first one I found was (if that doesn’t link, just copy and paste into the url bar). It’s an excellent masterpost, seeing as apparently, someone on 4chan thought it’d be a good idea to screw around with posts and replace links with triggers. (People like that need to not exist. I’m holding my tongue here, trying to keep it PG-rated, but come on. You wouldn’t blame me if I started freaking out. That’s a really stupid move.) Anyways, this person made sure nobody would be able to replace the links, God bless them, and now there’s an especially safe, calming masterpost in existence.

I decided to check some of the links because I worry about you little ducks and wanted to be sure, and they are safe. I couldn’t check some for various reasons. (i didn’t want to crowd the hotlines, download any apps, or anything like that. also some of the game websites wouldn’t work, so there’s that.)

My personal favorites are the Nature Sounds for Me, Stress Analyst, Player 2 (this one especially), The Thoughts Room (also the little links at the bottom, like the quiet room and the dawn room, are amazing, you should check them out), The Nicest Place on the Internet (I absolutely loooove this one. It makes me feel happy and fuzzy and loved, and there’s nothing else I’d rather feel. Definitely check this out if you’re sad. Don’t worry, they’re just videos, no one can see you unless you give a hug yourself.), Silk, Neonflames (those two are kinda the same), Musical Squares (this one is extremely fun, and it makes me feel good because everything i make sounds beautiful), Soy tu Aire (This wasn’t as fun as the musical squares, but it was still fun), Neopets (but probably because i’ve had a neopets account for a while…), and Cookie clicker (fair warning, this one is addicting). Wow, that’s quite a few.

Anyway, there’s your masterpost link. And my personal suggestions, at least for calming down. And i shouldn’t be awake as it is two in the morning, so I will now attempt sleep. Love you guys, stay safe. ❤

~Coolio out


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