‘Allo friends

So I listened to a couple one direction songs yesterday. (My sister was sick and needed cheering up.) And I liked the ones I played. One Direction has some pretty good, catchy songs, but I honestly don’t get all the hype about them. However, others probably don’t get it when I get super excited about Vampire Weekend or Owl City. So I’m not gonna question it, or ask anyone to calm down about it (that’s rude). They do seem like nice people, but that’s just from the bits and pieces I’ve heard. They have good voices, and it’s cool how everyone sings. (Right? Or am I misinformed?) Anyway, that’s about it. But, I could throw an important life lesson in here, so let’s go.
Don’t hate someone or act rude to them because of something they enjoy. That should not be a deciding factor in anything, except what your conversations are about and what to avoid saying. Also, if someone chooses to get excited about something in front of you, join in their excitement. Get happy, smile. (I mean, as long as they’re not getting hyped about drugs and alcohol. Stay safe kids. Also satanic rituals. Those are dangerous too.) Don’t shame them, or say “Calm down.” GET EXCITED. And don’t EVER let someone else put you out of your good mood. If you are haply about something, get happy, get excited, SMILE. It’s good and natural to get excited about things, and you deserve happiness, just like every other human. (Except maybe Hitler. He was kind of a bad guy. Although, he probably did nice things for some people somehow, so he needed some happy too.)
There’s my little life lesson.
Business time: I probably won’t update this next week because I’m going on vacation and it is likely I won’t have WiFi (Ow, it hurts me already. Let me go hug the computer for a second.) So yeah… I’ll be back in a week.
~Coolio out


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