I lost my library card…

But I actually wanted to use this as a segway into TFIOS, which I plan on checking out again asap. I only read it once, and I feel like shattering my heart again I guess, so why not?
But I was just thinking about TFIOS, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, and I realized that TFIOS is the most complete book I’ve ever read. There’s not much to read about pre-Gus, and all we’d read about after the end is probably a depressed Hazel, and nobody wants that. There’s no way Isaac and Hazel would have been a thing, they’re just friends. I can see their friendship growing stronger, definitely, but not progressing past friendship. The only possible “sequel” thing I could see is John actually writing An Imperial Affliction, and even that would feel too forced and cheap. TFIOS is so complete in itself, and that, somehow, makes me feel like part of me is complete.
Sorry I got sappy…
Anyway, I can’t see any fanfiction for TFIOS like ever. Harry Potter? Heck yeah! I’m in the middle of two right now. (I should maybe finish those…) Other stories, sure! (I can’t think of any at the moment, but they’re there.) TFIOS, though. No, nuh-uh. It’s perfect in it’s own sad, cruel way.

Also, I’m currently rewatching Captain America and it’s at the end and I’m feeling feels and I don’t want to be. Someone please help. No stop with the dancing Steve stop emotions. I’m gonna cry sorry. ~Coolio out


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