Gender Stereotypes and Other Stupid Things

I might sound a little angry, and the reason is–shocker!–I AM ANGRY.
The other day, my dad had the audacity to say to me and my sisters, “You’re girls! Aren’t you supposed to keep things clean?!”
I’d like to start off by saying: HE IS SO WRONG. And the worst thing? That is NOT the stupidest thing he has ever said. Or the most sexist. What upsets me is that he tries to force his sexist mindset onto me and my sisters. I was raised to not believe sexist garbage like that. Hearing it makes me mad enough. But when you try to make young girls believe and abide to your sexist rules, THAT is ENOUGH.
IT’S A NICE TRAIT TO HAVE, BUT IT IS NOT ONE THAT ALL WOMEN SHARE. Just like it is not one that all men share.
There are so many thoughts going through my head about misogyny and oppression and gender stereotypes, I’m having serious trouble focusing my thoughts. So, I’m gonna keep it short and simple.
Man = Human
Woman = Human
Everyone = Human
I am human, you’re human, EVERYONE IS HUMAN. So doesn’t it seem like a given that everyone should be equal?
And don’t get me started on homophobes, we’d be here all day.
I’m not on Twitter, but I know there’s a tag going around called #YesAllWomen and I suggest you go look it up. The 140 character limit allows them to make good points short and simple enough for even a child to understand.
Also, Hank Green made a video (idk how long ago) and he makes a nice point. Here’s the link.
Well, I’ve calmed down a little so I will go. ~Coolio out


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