Let’s celebrate!

Guess who got baptized ayyyyy
Yeah, that’s right, me. Oh yeah. Totally rad, bro.
Obviously, Sunday started off happy and exciting, with people congratulating me, and me sitting through church with wet hair, y’know, that kinda stuff.
The rest of the day was also fairly uneventful. I went for evening church, did some bible study, got a nice new shirt. (Quick story: the guy next to me took it and was messing around with it and he set it on his knee and was like “did I get blood on this? Shhh no I didn’t” and he pointed at an itty bitty almost invisible mark and said “that wasn’t me” and I just sat there like okay??? I’m bad at social stuff so that made me feel kinda awkward, but it was really funny. Okay, story over.)
Then I came home and watched some Psych (amazing show btw) and I watched the episode with Shuliet (is that the ship name? Shawn/Juliet? Please? That’s what I’ve been calling it.) Anyway, it was the first ever Shuliet kiss and when it happened, I sat in my chair and squealed, and when it was over, I rolled out of the chair onto the floor and headed to bed, bc that was overwhelming.
However, as soon as I settled down, I was restless again. I had to DO something. So I got out my laptop and started working on a little story I started a while ago and really liked the outcome. Then I started to feel kinda sad for some reason (probs stress and tired or something) so I pulled up some Owl City and half sang along, half cried. Idk, I cry for no reason sometimes. Like sometimes, if anything is remotely sad, I’m sobbing, but other times, I’m not even fazed. It’s weird.
Anyway, now it’s about one in the morning, I’m kinda sad, kinda tired, and really bored, so I felt like updating. And there ya go.
~Coolio out
Also, I have bug bites everywhere and my entire body itches and I hate it. I don’t have the time or patience to press a hot spoon everywhere a bug bite pops up. Ugh I hate mosquitos and fleas.


An Acquired Taste?

Guess who tried coffee for the first time this morning! Yup, me.
Well, not actually the first time, but it’s the first full cup of actual coffee I’ve ever had. And it’s really bitter, but after a few drinks you get used to it. I can sorta see how some people get addicted to it, but I don’t think I will.
I also tried this little cookie called Biscoff (it’s the reason I made the coffee) and it tastes like Teddy Grahams. 10/10 stars. Definitely recommend it to everyone.
So I like the cookies but not the coffee. I’ll take black tea instead, please.
~Coolio out

I lost my library card…

But I actually wanted to use this as a segway into TFIOS, which I plan on checking out again asap. I only read it once, and I feel like shattering my heart again I guess, so why not?
But I was just thinking about TFIOS, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, and I realized that TFIOS is the most complete book I’ve ever read. There’s not much to read about pre-Gus, and all we’d read about after the end is probably a depressed Hazel, and nobody wants that. There’s no way Isaac and Hazel would have been a thing, they’re just friends. I can see their friendship growing stronger, definitely, but not progressing past friendship. The only possible “sequel” thing I could see is John actually writing An Imperial Affliction, and even that would feel too forced and cheap. TFIOS is so complete in itself, and that, somehow, makes me feel like part of me is complete.
Sorry I got sappy…
Anyway, I can’t see any fanfiction for TFIOS like ever. Harry Potter? Heck yeah! I’m in the middle of two right now. (I should maybe finish those…) Other stories, sure! (I can’t think of any at the moment, but they’re there.) TFIOS, though. No, nuh-uh. It’s perfect in it’s own sad, cruel way.

Also, I’m currently rewatching Captain America and it’s at the end and I’m feeling feels and I don’t want to be. Someone please help. No stop with the dancing Steve stop emotions. I’m gonna cry sorry. ~Coolio out

Gender Stereotypes and Other Stupid Things

I might sound a little angry, and the reason is–shocker!–I AM ANGRY.
The other day, my dad had the audacity to say to me and my sisters, “You’re girls! Aren’t you supposed to keep things clean?!”
I’d like to start off by saying: HE IS SO WRONG. And the worst thing? That is NOT the stupidest thing he has ever said. Or the most sexist. What upsets me is that he tries to force his sexist mindset onto me and my sisters. I was raised to not believe sexist garbage like that. Hearing it makes me mad enough. But when you try to make young girls believe and abide to your sexist rules, THAT is ENOUGH.
IT’S A NICE TRAIT TO HAVE, BUT IT IS NOT ONE THAT ALL WOMEN SHARE. Just like it is not one that all men share.
There are so many thoughts going through my head about misogyny and oppression and gender stereotypes, I’m having serious trouble focusing my thoughts. So, I’m gonna keep it short and simple.
Man = Human
Woman = Human
Everyone = Human
I am human, you’re human, EVERYONE IS HUMAN. So doesn’t it seem like a given that everyone should be equal?
And don’t get me started on homophobes, we’d be here all day.
I’m not on Twitter, but I know there’s a tag going around called #YesAllWomen and I suggest you go look it up. The 140 character limit allows them to make good points short and simple enough for even a child to understand.
Also, Hank Green made a video (idk how long ago) and he makes a nice point. Here’s the link. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb6JPZ-wFmw
Well, I’ve calmed down a little so I will go. ~Coolio out

TFIOS is ruining me

So on Saturday, boorat and I went to go see The Fault in our Stars and it was SO GOOD. I LOVED IT. I cried through half of it (crying is a good way to measure the quality of something). I was just getting out of the “omg-my-life-will-never-be-the-same-ever-again” kinda feeling (you know that feeling, the one you got when Harry Potter ended, and when How I Met Your Mother had it’s series finale). Anyway, I was kinda watching TV, not really paying attention, when a TFIOS ad came on and I heard Boom Clap by Charli XCX and instantly the feels came rushing back and my heart was actually aching. All I want to do forever is watch and read and cry over TFIOS. My heart hurts and now I’m sad just ugh. I can’t listen to All Of The Stars without crying and it’s just too much. John Green, I hope you’re happy. You ruined my life (please make more books, also I think casting Nat Wolff as Quentin would be amazing, if you were planning on doing a movie for that, yeah thank you bye). UGH. UUUGGGGHHHH. I’m gonna go lie on the floor and listen to the soundtrack and cry.
~Coolio out

I could have died

I woke up a little bit ago to something sorta pinching my neck and squeaking in my ear and I thought, oh, it’s probably the tag on my shirt rubbing against my neck or something (I’ve heard shirt tags make similar noises to this), so I went into the bathroom to check it out and THERE WAS A HUGE BUG ON MY NECK AND I ALMOST DIED




Look at that. That thing was on my NEEEEECCKKK
I feel dirty now. I’m gonna go shower, and maybe burn my clothing, and my sheets, and my mattress…
~Coolio out
(Oh I killed it, btw, if you were wondering. I wouldn’t let that beast live in my house. Ugh. Goodbye.)

UPDATE: I told my mother and she brought to my attention that BUGS TYPICALLY DONT SQUEAK.