Home again, home again

I have a lot of trouble actually coming up with titles for these things. They usually turn out either A) stupid B) obvious or C) irrelevant.
So I finished season four of supernatural yesterday, and let me say, I feel betrayed. I started s5 today and I’m starting to think betrayal is all I’m gonna feel while watching this show. Anyway, it’s a great show, highly recommend you watch it.
I found Vampire Weekend. Yep. I know, they’re great. Indescribable. Beautiful. Listen to M79. If you like it, find more of their songs. If not, do it anyway. You shouldn’t judge a band on one song. I just suggested that one because it’s the one that hooked me. According to my sources, they’re indie rock/pop, so use that if you feel. Don’t let that define your feelings on them, though. They make me really happy, which is interesting, because peppy sounding stuff like that doesn’t do that for me (unless it’s like baby animals or something. Baby animals will always cheer me up.) Yeah, go listen.
You back? Okay, now. The Fault in Our Stars comes out in six days, if my counting is correct. I’m so NOT READY IM GONNA CRY. I’m gonna need emotional support before, during, and after the movie. I need to find a friend to go with. (Fun story: I was gonna go with my mom, but she said she’s not going because she doesn’t wanna cry. Haha so FUNNY.)
And I think that’s it. School ended a week ago, so I needed some calm down time before doing stuff again. And I have a draft for that award thing that I procrastinated, but it’s on my laptop and I’m too lazy to get up and get my laptop. I’ll do it soon. Don’t worry. (You should probably worry until it’s actually up and posted and done)
Well, I think I’m done. ~Coolio out


25 thoughts on “Home again, home again

    I’m in love with ANSEL ELGORT! My beloved Ansel…Ahhhh this afternoon I was going through YouTube looking for as many interviews as I could. He’s so cute I CANT EVEN..ASDFGHJKLSLALWJJWHSHSWHW


  2. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!! I made mommy read it and she just finished it last night and loved it. AND we were going to invite you to go with us next weekend. BAM. That was great timing.

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