I actually finished a pleasure reading book???

I finished Matched and it was amazing. Highly recommend it to all of you.
But I finished a book! My first (I think) pleasure read of the year that I finished!!! Or at least since the fall out I had with the idea of finishing things. Maybe now I’ll be able to finish my homework…
I should probably try harder on things. The problem is, though, if I’m not interested, I won’t try. That’s why you won’t ever see me attempting sports (As in, like, soccer, football, baseball, etc. Running, yeah sure, sounds fun. The rest? Nuh-uh).
But I finished it!!! I think this calls for a celebration, or maybe a good night’s sleep because I’m tired as heck. I went hiking and canoeing today with boorat and a couple other friends and it wore me out, man.
Also, I plan on doing the Liebster award thing soon, tomorrow maybe, if I have time. (both nominations in separate posts, or just answer all 22 questions in the same post? I don’t thing I have 11 people to nominate, or 11 more questions to add to the ones I’ve been thinking about, so I might just do them in the same post, hope that’s okay…)
Well, I’m gonna go. I need my beauty sleep. (Not like I’m ever NOT beautiful hahaha *sarcasm* You don’t want to see me in the mornings, that’s for sure.) ~Coolio out!


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