I just realised that I don’t know how to pack for anything. Especially lunches. Although, I’m pretty certain you DON’T take chocolate covered jellybeans to a canoeing trip. (Even though they are delicious and beautiful). And being the picky heathen I am, I just absolutely will NOT bring a sandwich (they make me uncomfortable) so instead I pack some crackers and peanut butter. Does that suffice? I sure hope so…

Why must we only have unhealthy food to eat? I blame myself. (Suck it up and eat your peanut butter you dweeb)
*look longingly at the chocolate covered jellybeans on their shelf, bask in their beauty. Start crying and exit dramatically stage right*
*come back on stage and grab a juice pouch*
*throw self off stage right whilst gripping juice pouch to chest*

~Coolio out!


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