April Fools!

Okay, I’d like to start off saying, if you want to discover these jokes for yourself, run away, now. I’m going to tell you where and what these pranks are to the extent of my knowledge. Yeah, so you’ve been warned.

Okay, so I’m gonna start with Netflix, because that was the first prank I experienced today. Get on Netflix and it will do it’s usual thing, but standing in the spotlight (hehe) you’ll see a new movie, about an hour long. This new movie, a Netflix original, is called Rotisserie Chicken. If you wanna experience it GO RUN CHILD. I’ll be here when you get back in an hour. Okay, you happy? As you now know, and some others don’t, that was a video of a chicken on the rotisserie for an hour, and if I’m not mistaken, it was going backwards. Backwards, as in, back in time. Like it started fully cooked and went back to frozen (or fresh, whatever they did) I actually didn’t sit through it because I have the attention span of a gnat, and also I wanted to alert you guys to this beautiful thing. (And it was making me hungry for rotisserie… *cries*)

Also, Google Google Google. I don’t think anyone can fathom how much I love Google. *heavy sigh* SO! Google Chrome on mobile has this fun little translation thing that, if activated, translates the entire page to… Emojis. *sighs again* (See, look how much I’m sighing! Google, I love you, and this one was funny, but I don’t understand a thing that’s happening on the page. Luckily we can un-translate the page.)

Google also did (and this one’s my favorite) POKEMON OMGOMGOMG

If you get on the mobile app Google Maps, tap the search bar, and tap the option with a Pokeball next to it (it says something like “press start”… A-duh, it says press start because Pokemon game omg Coolio be smart). This will begin your Pokemon adventure! From there, it sends you to the Pokemon Lab and you can find Pokemon. It shows you little pictures of the Pokemon in different areas on the map, and when you tap them and tap “catch” YOU CATCH A POKEMON AND WHOA THIS IS GREAT. (Don’t forget to look in the water because water types) (Also sorry, my laptop doesn’t do the fancy e with the accent)

There are probably a bunch more that I haven’t experienced, but these ones are enough for me. I’m going to go spend my day catching Pokemon. ~Coolio out


P.S. I love you guys so here have this song I really like. (I didn’t want to talk about it in excess (excess?) like I tend to do, so here just have the link.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0


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