Be Nice To Everyone

So something happened today that made me realize something extremely important. I’m not gonna say it, for privacy reasons, but there’s a point to be made.

You have no clue what anyone is actually going through. They might have a happy face on and just suffered a terrible loss. They might be really subdued, but they became an aunt/uncle not five hours before. Any number of things could be happening on their lives that you don’t know about. Please, please, PLEASE: DO NOT ACT RUDE OR STANDOFFISH. DONT BELITTLE THEM IN ANY WAY. BE NICE AND LOVING AND HAPPY. You could be a ray of sunshine in their day, week, month, etc of clouds and rain. Don’t let an opportunity to lift someone up pass you by, either. They might really need it. YOU might really need it.

Remember the times when a stranger smiled at you in the hallway, in public, at the store. Think about how that lifted up your day. Use that to spread to the people around you.

~Coolio out


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