Not like the cheese, although now I want some nachos… (Curse these abominations on my teeth aka braces ugh)

No, this is another fandom-esque post (is that a thing? It is now)

I started watching Attack On Titan. It is an anime about this alternate universe in which these giant monster things called Titans suddenly appeared and started eating all the people. In this AU (for that is what an alternative universe is referred to as) there are three people: Eren Yaegar, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Artlet. (That’s what my subtitles said, at least). These three beauts are on a group of people who are set on killing all the Titans and taking the Earth back for humanity. (BTW, the Titans reeeeallllyyyy decreased the human population by A LOT). That is about as good a summary as you’re gonna get from me. It’s really good, on Netflix, and it has a rad theme song (sie sind das Essen, nein wir die sin Jäger hah hah hah hah *more rhythmic hahs*) (also I probably hecked that up, I don’t speak German or Japanese, and I think that’s a mix of both, or it’s German said with a Japanese accent) (also I’m an ignorant prick and don’t know if it’s actually Japanese, I’m just guessing). It is also called Shingeki No Kyojin, so watch it. Good. Kay. Bye.

Not really, I also wanna tell you guys that omG POKEMON IS ON NETFLIX AHAHHAAAAAHHHHH SCREAMING

*story time* Coolio was raised under the idiotic belief that “Girls like girly things, boys like boy things.” Idk who put that stupid idea in my tiny little brain, but it was there until about highschool, around the time I started to realize the world around me existed and I can enjoy whatever the heckie deckie I want and nobody can stop me. So yeah I’m a little upset. But, that means that *gasp* I grew up without Pokémon WHHAAHHATT NO WHYY WHATSTOP

Yeah. Sad. SO I’m taking this opportunity to catch up on what should have been in my childhood alongside Harry Potter and Clifford the Big Red Dog (shut up Clifford was rad and I still like the show, which is also on Netflix for those of you who are curious)

Alright, this turned out longer than I meant it to be, sorry. Love ya guys, ~Coolio out


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