I’m so tired

I almost poured soda on my cereal send help.

Also I didn’t finish my homework and it’s all gonna be late. The worst part is I’ve stopped caring, even though I know I should care. I’m gonna try to hold out for another week, but if I (almost) pour soda in my cereal bowl again, I quit and will not attend school for the remainder of this week.

I better go finish it before the cereal get soggy and my tea gets ice cold (aright aright aright aright aright). ~Coolio out


2 thoughts on “I’m so tired

    • You bet your socks I can stay out; if I want to, of course. (I don’t anymore, the library is having a food party for those of us who help out, so I’m very excited. Pizza pizza cake cake cake I need more food ugh)

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