Oh wow. I’m alive, guys.

So I’m terribly sorry, my beautiful beautiful friends. I apologize for not being on. Surprise surprise, I’m still here. (In short, not dead.)

So, my life is extremely boring, sorry. (Wow, how long will it take for you to get used to talking? Awkward heathen.) Let’s see, hmmm…

I’ve reached season three on Supernatural. Super excited about that. (No, Coolio, that’s boring, try again)

I… Oh oh, I learned that only two of my close friends like cheesecake. Terribly sad, I know. (More for me, hahaha. But still, not interesting)

Wow, um, tough crowd. *nervous chuckle* I’m a saved person, and I read the book of Matthew in my bible. (See, that’s good. Share the love.)

Yeah. Okay, so, I just remembered. Have you heard about Tom Milsom? (I’m not one for gossip, if that’s what this is, sorry). If you haven’t, um… I don’t have any links on me, but if you go Google John Green’s tumblr, he talks about it on there. I’d just like to say, I’m extremely dissapointed in Tom, and I won’t be listening to his music anymore. (From what I gathered, he got in a relationship with a 15yrold fan when he was 22, and emotionally abused her. If I’m wrong, be sure to correct me.) That’s all I’m gonna say about this, or I’ll end up really angry and upset and sad, all at the same time.

Yeah. So. Happy things. Happy thoughts. I got a laptop, so I’ll be able to post easier on there. (Typing on mobile is terrible). I’ve started listening to ACDC. (Thanks, Dean.) Yeah, I’m gonna stop talking now. ~Coolio out


2 thoughts on “Oh wow. I’m alive, guys.

  1. I’m sorry, but cheesecake just isn’t worth the priceless faces I’ll make when I take a bite. Same with cabbage and apples. (I tried not to, but it just wasn’t any good.)

    • I can give you a pass on the cabbage and apples, that actually looked gross. But cheesecake, no. That’s like hating happiness dancing on your tongue. (Alright, yeah that sounded weird…)
      Oh well, more for me, then!

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