Hey beautiful people.

Sorry I vanished. I really am just too lazy to do anything anymore. But that’s not why I’m talking to you. I found a thing, a set of instructions on how make your own mind palace visible. (Look at the link and it’ll explain)


There you go. I spent a good 30-45 minutes visualizing it, and I feel very happy with myself. I am calm and happy and it’s beautiful and it’s a place all my own. I like that. No one can barge in and ruin it, and I don’t have to tell anyone about it.

The mind palace idea came from BBC Sherlock, and I did NOT create this How To. Credit to tumblr user deansass.

I hope you all enjoy your mind palaces as much as I enjoy mine.

Tips: It helps to actually move around when visualizing moving in your palace. Blindfold yourself and walk around your room, move your hands when moving furniture in your palace. Open a physical door when opening a palace door. It really does help. When it comes to the person part, imagine their face, their nose, eyes, hair. It helped me feel like there’s someone actually there.

Glad I could pass this beautiful post along to you all. Have fun visualizing! ~Coolio out


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