Exercise *gasp*

I bet you’re all wondering why I used The Word. Well, my silly brain was talking to me, and he said “You should exercise because it’s healthy.” Like I care about that psshhhhh. (No seriously though, your health is extremely important. I hate exercise, too, don’t worry. But once you get started, it might be kinda fun.) So anyways, I found this beautiful punishment for John Green (one of the Vlogbrothers, he went over the 4 minute limit). It’s called Fitness for Nerds ( http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7H0ctnAL3jo ). It is the only thing that will ever get me to exercise. Ever. AND IN COMPLETELY UNRELATED NEWS (heavy sarcasm) my abs and thighs ache. That’s what I get for EXERCISING. Guys, exorcizing is a lot more fun. Ask my buddies Sam and Dean, they’ll tell ya. (Dean will, at least…)

Moving on. I finished The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom and it was fantastic! I would highly recommend you read it.

I’m doing better on my homework. I honestly feel like it’s really a random thing. Like one second I’m so lazy I don’t wanna breathe, the next I could write a novel whilst simultaneously running a marathon and cooking a five-course meal. (Which I don’t do. I hate cooking. I caught a spoon on fire once. Oh wasn’t that fun. *gazes dreamily into distance*) So we’ll see how that’s coming along.

I will catch up with my happy jar, I do remember happies that happened to me this past weekend. As soon as I finish this post…

My friend showed me a band, Icarus Account. I’ve only heard one song but they sound great, and I highly suggest you listen to them.

Yep, that is all. I will leave with a couple gifs, as I have not given them in a long time. ~Coolio out

tumblr_inline_mxh397saOE1rptg87 tumblr_inline_mz1bshcHRR1rgesxu tumblr_inline_mz1bxxsxQK1rgesxu tumblr_m0xk9u2TmZ1qbephpo1_r1_500tumblr_m0xk9u2TmZ1qbephpo2_r1_500


I apologize for Dean’s mild swearing. Oopsie. Here I’ll make up for it with Jawn. :3



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