The fact that so many of us believe in these impossible things is comforting to me. And it saddens me when I think about the others who don’t. All I feel for them is pity.

Because Hogwarts is real for us, we believe in Sherlock, we ran away with the Doctor, we got lost in Night Vale, we hunted with Sam and Dean, we did countless other things. But these other people, these people are stuck living in reality, with real people and jobs and work and and and boring. We have magic, what do they have? Even when we’re alone, we aren’t truly alone, you know? We have Harry and Cas and Cecil and Sherlock and the Doctor to keep us company. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And even though they hurt us when they go, we can relive the first year at Hogwarts, that step into the TARDIS, the first crazy podcast, the first time we ever fell in love with our fandoms.

I think that’s why we believe.

(Excuse me, I’m feeling sappy. I’ve had a strong urge to watch/read sad things just to make myself cry, although I haven’t found anything yet.)

But seriously, real life is BORING *shoots wall*

“I need another fandom!” “But you just joined one!” “Raaaahhgh! I need feels–”

Wait. I just realized… Feels are like drugs. (Hello, my name is Coolio and this is the story of how I realized I was a drug addict. *coughs awkwardly*) Think about it: they hurt us and we cry over them and freak out, and we know they’re bad for us, but we keep coming back to the fandoms for more, just a bit more (A LOT more) (Is that how drugs work? I wouldn’t know.) Wow. That was this week’s episode of “I didn’t know I was a drug addict. Whoops.”

(And, no, as far as I know, ‘magic’ is not a drug term, even though it most likely is. So don’t go around saying your drug of choice is magic; you could get arrested. *nods seriously*)

I’m insane, but of course, you already knew that. ~Coolio out


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