Such procrastinate. Much smart. Very product. Wow.

Meaning it is my second day back, and I had to finish yesterday’s homework in my study hall. Why? I was too lazy to do it last night. Same with today. I haven’t done anything except “study” (airquotes because THERES NOTHING TO STUDY FOR)

I hate myself sometimes, you know? It’s all because of procrastination.

When I procrastinate, I usually check Facebook or WordPress first, and say “we’ll work after this quick check, make sure nothing big happened while I was at school…” Then I eat food. Then I pull up music, tricking myself into thinking it will help. It never helps. Ever. Music just distracts me more. Then, next thing I know, it’s midnight, everyone’s asleep, I’m blogging, and my homework is still not done.

You might say “oh no prob, do it in study hall” Haha no. I only have 25 minutes in study hall, which is barely enough time for me to get my stuff out and ready. Plus, I only have one real class after study hall, and that’s algebra. Sure it’s one of the main homework sources, but keep in mind I have four classes before study hall, and two of them give homework every day. See the problem now?

Yeah, I know I have a problem. I can’t help it! *sobs into math problems*

Don’t look at me like that. You do it too. If you say you don’t, you’re lying. *glares* I know when you all tell the truth. I’m psychic. (And apparently insane… But you already knew that.)


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