News news news

This isn’t really news, not really. But I felt like talking to you guys.

So, how many of you are bronies (or pegasisters, if they made that a thing?) *crickets chirping* …. Well. You should watch My Little Pony. It’s a great show.

Anyways, I have this app on my phone for some MLP game and I’ve spent the past three days on it. It’s quickly taking over my life. O.O I’m slightly terrified.

Also, I think I’ve become more comfortable with this website recently. I used to never get on here, but lately, I’m updating it (almost) daily. That is courtesy of the aforementioned phone. Yay technology!

Yes… Um… That is all, news wise.

(Random laugh: My sister just told me I have pretty handwriting. HAHA no. That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.)


Remember that Happy Jar idea I posted about on New Years Eve? I’ve been keeping up with it, and I’ve been happier. I’m always thinking, “What will I put in the jar today” so I’m always paying attention to the positive stuff, and it’s improved my outlook on things. I highly recommend it to you. (I also plan on doing a jar with books I’ve read, but I have to finish The Fellowship of the Ring before I can do that. Tolkien is HARD to read. But it’s worth it, definitely.)

That is all. ~Coolio out


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