more future planny stuff

Yeah, I’m really bad at titles. Hehehe… That’s gonna be a bit rough when I decide to write a novel… *coughs awkwardly*

Anyway, as I was sitting on my lazy bum doing nothing, I thought of something. Just an idea, so don’t kill me if it’s stupid, but here it is.

You know how deciding what you wanna do with your life is the hardest freaking thing you could ever do? (It is for me, I don’t know about you). Well, I was thinking: instead of letting us plunge headfirst into a world of confusion, where the only warnings we’ve gotten are from our parents and our teachers (who, no offense, don’t know every gosh darn thing in the world. I don’t care how long you went to college or how many kids you’ve had!), instead we get advice straight from people who have done the work. And not just advice, we get to “live” it, too. That’s right, people, I’m talking virtual reality here.

Take as many different jobs as possible and put them all on a website/app/program/thingy and group them by similarities. (NOT ABC order! That doesn’t help when trying to find jobs close to one, but without that one little setback). Then, as well as descriptions, you get video of the jobs (good day, bad day, average day, and any other day you can think of). That way, you can watch and see what you would have to do in the job, and from the comfort of your own home! (She says in cheesy commercial voice).

And when the technology comes out, we bring in the Virtual Reality. (Ooh aahh) With VR technology, we can make it easier for the job-hunter to figure out what they like/don’t like about a certain job. Because, instead of watching the good and bad days, they’d be living them.

And, to help the job-hunter narrow down his/her search even more, we give them the option of inputting aspects they liked/didn’t like about each job they viewed, thus marking off jobs with the bad characteristics, and bringing forward the jobs with the good characteristics.

Eventually, they’ll find a job they’re comfortable with or would like to do, and to increase the reality, they go through a time period in which (VR here) it feels like they’re spending days in the job, but it’s really only a few hours. (Hopefully that technology comes out soon. People, get on this!) If they’re still comfortable with the job they’ve chosen, they can find colleges that are focused on degrees they need for the job, they can find areas near them at which they can work that job, they can find job applications online (if the employers cooperate, that is). And if they want to start their own business, it can give them ideas on whatever one needs to start a business.

There will also be a section where  people with the jobs can give tips and pointers to the job-hunters.

This is mainly geared towards high-school students. (It would be introduced to students in their first year of high school, since that’s the time period in which the decisions are made: college, major, future. But adults looking for a way to get money can use it as well.)

So that’s what needs to happen. I’m not sure how it will come about, but it will, sooner or later. (Hopefully sooner. This would make everyone’s lives a little easier)

So is it a good idea? Bad? Insane? Stupid? Ingenious? Do you have any ideas on how to improve this? We could all make this a thing, together. (We’re aaaaall in thiiis together!) ~Coolio out


2 thoughts on “more future planny stuff

  1. NO High School Musical needed. This is a really good idea, but did you seriously come up with it in your spare time? I know there isn’t school right now (ICE!!!) but you seem to have a whole lot of it.

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