I tell myself time and time again that I’m gonna write a good story. But every time I get inspiration or whatever, I get distracted or don’t have the proper means of writing a fanfic. It’s a sad life I live. *tear*

One of the worst things I do when planning fanfics, though, is to start reading other books or fics. That not only distracts me, but it affects my writing. If I read from a particularly sassy author (John Green, I’m looking at you *evil eye*), I end up with a sass-soaked sass-terpiece. It can get bad.

But I do love a good fanfiction every once in a while. Of course I do. Any self-respecting fangirl would.

HOWEVER there are some things that will make it or break it in a story. If it IN ANY WAY deviates from the original plotline, I will burn the fan fiction. (Not really, that would be bad for my phone). THE AUTHOR WROTE IT THAT WAY FOR A REASON YOU GUYS. YOU CANT JUST SCREW WITH THINGS BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE IT. Also, if you switch tenses. I. Will. Kill. You. With. Fire. Tenses (and grammar, for that matter) are here to make understanding language as easy as possible. I agree with the Vlogbrothers when I say that. WE USE GRAMMAR TO MAKE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AS TRANSPARENT AS POSSIBLE. IF YOU MESS US, PEOPLE GET CONFUSED.

And sex scenes. Uh-uh. I’m fine if you hint at it, or if they say “hey wanna go do the do”  And then you cut to a later scene. But I don’t need you to tell me everything. I would like to keep an innocent mind, thank you. And don’t make them have sex if it’s not progressing the story. If someone needs to get pregnant, GO AHEAD. If not, I don’t need an unnecessary sex scene in my otherwise-okay fanfic.

Rant over. Sorry you had to see me upset, but sonetimes , humans really irritate me. If you have anything I might have left out, please leave it in the comments, and I will probably agree with you.

Btw, this became a subject of discussion because I just started reading an A++ fanfic in which the Harry Potter world meets the Maximum Ride world. Basically, Ron is kidnapped and taken to the School, where he gets wings. The author is keeping the storylines matched with the original pieces and all in all, it’s a great fanfic. (It’s Red Wings by PseudonymHere on if any of you wanna read it) ~Coolio out


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