What Are The Odds

I have managed to join another fandom. Two, actually. In the space of an hour. On New Years’ Eve. Woooooow. Good job Coolio.

-Fandom Numero Uno: All Time Low. Okay, yeah, I’ve heard a couple of their songs before, but I never really got into them. Now I have. The song that did this to me? Remembering Sunday. (Ironically (I think) I was looking through my old yearbook and feeling nostalgic, remembering, yeah…) Yeah, technically it’s a bandom, but whatever. Potato potato. (That doesn’t really work in text form, does it…)

-Fandom Numero Dos: Christian Novelli. Surprise surprise he’s a YouTuber!!! An American YouTuber, which is actually surprising. Most of mine aren’t American (excluding the fabulous Tyler Oakley and Joey Graceffa and Shane Dawson of course. Don’t watch them unless you’re okay with swearing and vulgarity and stuff like that) Now I don’t know if Christian is vulgar, but in the entire single video that I watched by him, there wasn’t a single swear, so he has promise. And he’s a cute little awkward person who is adorable and I just wanna hug him and and and yeah. (He does the cute thing with sweaters where you pull them down so they cover your hands. I do that a lot.) He’s adorable so watch him. (This is the video I watched if you’re curious → http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4uxNnAWwFk4 )

And I guess if you wanna count the Dr. Horrible fandom as one of the last minute ones, you can.

In other news, I FINALLY WATCHED A VERY POTTER MUSICAL (it’s another sweary one you guys) OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT SO MUCH

There’s not much more to say, except Happy New Years, again. ~Coolio out


One thought on “What Are The Odds

  1. Wow guys, Christian is part of two bands. Backpack party (which I’m currently listening to, beautiful.) And Fox Academy (I’ve heard one song, so I don’t have much of an idea of their music, but its really good. Like. Seriously.)
    Overall, he’s amazing. Watch some of his videos, listen to his amazing synth playing.

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