Hello lovely humans. I am back and I have glorious news. Well, it’s really the opposite of glorious. Here it is: I’ve been getting increasingly more lazy as time passes. But I’ve also been feeling incredibly guilty about how lazy I am. So then I’m not moving and I have a dark pit of regret in my stomach. Because I COULD have done that work, or cleaned that thing, but I DIDN’T.

yeah. So along with my laziness, I haven’t updated my happy jar for a week and a half. *cough cough* Yeahhh… I’m terrible… At everything.

I’ve started reading a wonderful book called Cinder. It’s basically like a cyborg Cinderella story and it’s really good and I highly recommend you read it because there are literally zero fans of this book.

Andandand AND I’ve been listening to Muse a lot. And Fox Academy released a new song.



PLEASE DONT MAKE ME WAIT ANOTHER TWO YEARS TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL BABY (autocorrect was gonna suggest punishment instead of baby and wait… That’s more accurate than it should be…)

If you don’t watch Sherlock, please join us in our madness. Cone help us form theories and obsess over the cheekbones and the scarf and the mind palace and the jawn and the everything. You won’t regret it. Trust me. I love being a Sherlockian. You will too. (The first two seasons are on Netflix, idk when the third one will be up)

Um yeah. I just thought you should know. Love you guys! ~Coolio out


Hey beautiful people.

Sorry I vanished. I really am just too lazy to do anything anymore. But that’s not why I’m talking to you. I found a thing, a set of instructions on how make your own mind palace visible. (Look at the link and it’ll explain)

There you go. I spent a good 30-45 minutes visualizing it, and I feel very happy with myself. I am calm and happy and it’s beautiful and it’s a place all my own. I like that. No one can barge in and ruin it, and I don’t have to tell anyone about it.

The mind palace idea came from BBC Sherlock, and I did NOT create this How To. Credit to tumblr user deansass.

I hope you all enjoy your mind palaces as much as I enjoy mine.

Tips: It helps to actually move around when visualizing moving in your palace. Blindfold yourself and walk around your room, move your hands when moving furniture in your palace. Open a physical door when opening a palace door. It really does help. When it comes to the person part, imagine their face, their nose, eyes, hair. It helped me feel like there’s someone actually there.

Glad I could pass this beautiful post along to you all. Have fun visualizing! ~Coolio out

Exercise *gasp*

I bet you’re all wondering why I used The Word. Well, my silly brain was talking to me, and he said “You should exercise because it’s healthy.” Like I care about that psshhhhh. (No seriously though, your health is extremely important. I hate exercise, too, don’t worry. But once you get started, it might be kinda fun.) So anyways, I found this beautiful punishment for John Green (one of the Vlogbrothers, he went over the 4 minute limit). It’s called Fitness for Nerds ( ). It is the only thing that will ever get me to exercise. Ever. AND IN COMPLETELY UNRELATED NEWS (heavy sarcasm) my abs and thighs ache. That’s what I get for EXERCISING. Guys, exorcizing is a lot more fun. Ask my buddies Sam and Dean, they’ll tell ya. (Dean will, at least…)

Moving on. I finished The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom and it was fantastic! I would highly recommend you read it.

I’m doing better on my homework. I honestly feel like it’s really a random thing. Like one second I’m so lazy I don’t wanna breathe, the next I could write a novel whilst simultaneously running a marathon and cooking a five-course meal. (Which I don’t do. I hate cooking. I caught a spoon on fire once. Oh wasn’t that fun. *gazes dreamily into distance*) So we’ll see how that’s coming along.

I will catch up with my happy jar, I do remember happies that happened to me this past weekend. As soon as I finish this post…

My friend showed me a band, Icarus Account. I’ve only heard one song but they sound great, and I highly suggest you listen to them.

Yep, that is all. I will leave with a couple gifs, as I have not given them in a long time. ~Coolio out

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I apologize for Dean’s mild swearing. Oopsie. Here I’ll make up for it with Jawn. :3


Did Ya Miss Me?

I honestly feel like I’ve been dead on here. When was my last post???

So, an update, I guess. I haven’t put a happy thought in the thought jar for three days. Not because I’m sad, but because I’m lazy. I mean, today I was a little sad, but we’ll get to that in a bit. I still haven’t been doing my homework the night before. Wow smooth, your only two resolutions, already broken. Look at me, aren’t I cool?


Also, I found this wonderfully amazing book called The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. This is the first book I’ve read by him, and it’s great. It is also the reason I’m crying.

Another reason I’m crying is I found Shrock songs. More specifically, Vatican Cameos. “On My Own” just has me feeling numb and alone. It isn’t even gross sobbing sad. It’s “wow this is intensely sad. So sad I’m gonna barely cry and just have this immense feeling of pain and sadness all throughout my body.” I’ve heard sadness described as heavy. I would like to confirm that yes, yes it is.

Uggggghhhhh I just don’t want to function anymore. Can I just. Can Monday be canceled due to a scheduling error? Please?

ALSO I had a depressingly truthful thought. I was lying in bed, staring at my door and imagining the tenth doctor opening it and inviting me on an adventure. Then I stopped, as I realized that will never happen. Tonight, I lost hope in my fandoms. Let me tell you, it’s horrible. That is the final reason I’m sad. Hopefully I will have a renewed trust in my fandoms when I wake up, but right now, sleep is futile with the sadness looming over me.

Wow talk about a depressing post. I hope I didn’t ruin your day. I probably did. I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.


The fact that so many of us believe in these impossible things is comforting to me. And it saddens me when I think about the others who don’t. All I feel for them is pity.

Because Hogwarts is real for us, we believe in Sherlock, we ran away with the Doctor, we got lost in Night Vale, we hunted with Sam and Dean, we did countless other things. But these other people, these people are stuck living in reality, with real people and jobs and work and and and boring. We have magic, what do they have? Even when we’re alone, we aren’t truly alone, you know? We have Harry and Cas and Cecil and Sherlock and the Doctor to keep us company. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And even though they hurt us when they go, we can relive the first year at Hogwarts, that step into the TARDIS, the first crazy podcast, the first time we ever fell in love with our fandoms.

I think that’s why we believe.

(Excuse me, I’m feeling sappy. I’ve had a strong urge to watch/read sad things just to make myself cry, although I haven’t found anything yet.)

But seriously, real life is BORING *shoots wall*

“I need another fandom!” “But you just joined one!” “Raaaahhgh! I need feels–”

Wait. I just realized… Feels are like drugs. (Hello, my name is Coolio and this is the story of how I realized I was a drug addict. *coughs awkwardly*) Think about it: they hurt us and we cry over them and freak out, and we know they’re bad for us, but we keep coming back to the fandoms for more, just a bit more (A LOT more) (Is that how drugs work? I wouldn’t know.) Wow. That was this week’s episode of “I didn’t know I was a drug addict. Whoops.”

(And, no, as far as I know, ‘magic’ is not a drug term, even though it most likely is. So don’t go around saying your drug of choice is magic; you could get arrested. *nods seriously*)

I’m insane, but of course, you already knew that. ~Coolio out


Such procrastinate. Much smart. Very product. Wow.

Meaning it is my second day back, and I had to finish yesterday’s homework in my study hall. Why? I was too lazy to do it last night. Same with today. I haven’t done anything except “study” (airquotes because THERES NOTHING TO STUDY FOR)

I hate myself sometimes, you know? It’s all because of procrastination.

When I procrastinate, I usually check Facebook or WordPress first, and say “we’ll work after this quick check, make sure nothing big happened while I was at school…” Then I eat food. Then I pull up music, tricking myself into thinking it will help. It never helps. Ever. Music just distracts me more. Then, next thing I know, it’s midnight, everyone’s asleep, I’m blogging, and my homework is still not done.

You might say “oh no prob, do it in study hall” Haha no. I only have 25 minutes in study hall, which is barely enough time for me to get my stuff out and ready. Plus, I only have one real class after study hall, and that’s algebra. Sure it’s one of the main homework sources, but keep in mind I have four classes before study hall, and two of them give homework every day. See the problem now?

Yeah, I know I have a problem. I can’t help it! *sobs into math problems*

Don’t look at me like that. You do it too. If you say you don’t, you’re lying. *glares* I know when you all tell the truth. I’m psychic. (And apparently insane… But you already knew that.)

News news news

This isn’t really news, not really. But I felt like talking to you guys.

So, how many of you are bronies (or pegasisters, if they made that a thing?) *crickets chirping* …. Well. You should watch My Little Pony. It’s a great show.

Anyways, I have this app on my phone for some MLP game and I’ve spent the past three days on it. It’s quickly taking over my life. O.O I’m slightly terrified.

Also, I think I’ve become more comfortable with this website recently. I used to never get on here, but lately, I’m updating it (almost) daily. That is courtesy of the aforementioned phone. Yay technology!

Yes… Um… That is all, news wise.

(Random laugh: My sister just told me I have pretty handwriting. HAHA no. That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.)


Remember that Happy Jar idea I posted about on New Years Eve? I’ve been keeping up with it, and I’ve been happier. I’m always thinking, “What will I put in the jar today” so I’m always paying attention to the positive stuff, and it’s improved my outlook on things. I highly recommend it to you. (I also plan on doing a jar with books I’ve read, but I have to finish The Fellowship of the Ring before I can do that. Tolkien is HARD to read. But it’s worth it, definitely.)

That is all. ~Coolio out

more future planny stuff

Yeah, I’m really bad at titles. Hehehe… That’s gonna be a bit rough when I decide to write a novel… *coughs awkwardly*

Anyway, as I was sitting on my lazy bum doing nothing, I thought of something. Just an idea, so don’t kill me if it’s stupid, but here it is.

You know how deciding what you wanna do with your life is the hardest freaking thing you could ever do? (It is for me, I don’t know about you). Well, I was thinking: instead of letting us plunge headfirst into a world of confusion, where the only warnings we’ve gotten are from our parents and our teachers (who, no offense, don’t know every gosh darn thing in the world. I don’t care how long you went to college or how many kids you’ve had!), instead we get advice straight from people who have done the work. And not just advice, we get to “live” it, too. That’s right, people, I’m talking virtual reality here.

Take as many different jobs as possible and put them all on a website/app/program/thingy and group them by similarities. (NOT ABC order! That doesn’t help when trying to find jobs close to one, but without that one little setback). Then, as well as descriptions, you get video of the jobs (good day, bad day, average day, and any other day you can think of). That way, you can watch and see what you would have to do in the job, and from the comfort of your own home! (She says in cheesy commercial voice).

And when the technology comes out, we bring in the Virtual Reality. (Ooh aahh) With VR technology, we can make it easier for the job-hunter to figure out what they like/don’t like about a certain job. Because, instead of watching the good and bad days, they’d be living them.

And, to help the job-hunter narrow down his/her search even more, we give them the option of inputting aspects they liked/didn’t like about each job they viewed, thus marking off jobs with the bad characteristics, and bringing forward the jobs with the good characteristics.

Eventually, they’ll find a job they’re comfortable with or would like to do, and to increase the reality, they go through a time period in which (VR here) it feels like they’re spending days in the job, but it’s really only a few hours. (Hopefully that technology comes out soon. People, get on this!) If they’re still comfortable with the job they’ve chosen, they can find colleges that are focused on degrees they need for the job, they can find areas near them at which they can work that job, they can find job applications online (if the employers cooperate, that is). And if they want to start their own business, it can give them ideas on whatever one needs to start a business.

There will also be a section where  people with the jobs can give tips and pointers to the job-hunters.

This is mainly geared towards high-school students. (It would be introduced to students in their first year of high school, since that’s the time period in which the decisions are made: college, major, future. But adults looking for a way to get money can use it as well.)

So that’s what needs to happen. I’m not sure how it will come about, but it will, sooner or later. (Hopefully sooner. This would make everyone’s lives a little easier)

So is it a good idea? Bad? Insane? Stupid? Ingenious? Do you have any ideas on how to improve this? We could all make this a thing, together. (We’re aaaaall in thiiis together!) ~Coolio out

Existential Crisis

Hey hey hey dear readers. I’m going to just assume that somebody doesn’t understand what an existential crisis is, so listen up childrens.

I don’t even know how to describe an existential crisis dangit. WHATS THE POINT. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE ANYWAYS. (Is that accurate? I feel like that’s accurate. No it isn’t.) Why do we exist? What is our point in this infinite universe? Why why why?

But, see, my current existential crisis is also a mix with the wonderful pre-quarter-life crisis. (I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my life. Everyone tells me I need to figure it out now but I don’t even know what I want for lunch tomorrow. Why are you making me plan my future when I don’t care (that’s the existential crisis there)).

I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I don’t know what college to go to, what to major in, what I wanna be, and how I’ll make my family accept my choices.

I don’t even know anything concrete, except I don’t want to interact with people. There’s a large problem right there.

I really don’t know how to continue this, and if I start talking about the existential crisis, we’ll be here forever, so I’m gonna stop.

Am I the only one that feels like this? I don’t wanna be the only one. Do any of you get this feel? (Comment it I don’t wanna be alone) Although, maybe I’m feeling this because of my lack of sleep. Hmmm… ~Coolio out

There’s nothing wrong with me


I did not sleep last night. From about midnight to 2:30 it was just “I’m not tired, let’s have a party.” After that, though, was when I was dead, but couldn’t go to sleep because I knew if I did, I wouldn’t wake up until 3 pm. Personally, I think staying up all night beats sleeping til 3, so I made myself stay awake. Oh, the adventures I had.

I was introduced to Happy Tree Friends. Yay hahahah no. That is quite possibly the most horrific thing I have ever seen. It is violent and terrifying. 0/10 would recommend. I got through maybe 15 minutes, most of the time with my mouth open in horror. Stay away.

I watched a lot of kickthepj. It got pretty sentimental, too, until Wiggles the Clown made an appearance. (Do not watch Wiggles. He swears.)

I finally figured out how to beat the YouTube system. It hasn’t been letting me see a lot of Owl City’s older stuff. Maybe because I’m on mobile? But anyways, I decided to look up some of his older stuff and see if other websites would give them to me. Lo and behold, directlyrics came to the rescue. It has a little video box on the side that plays the song so you can actually hear the song as you read the lyrics. That cute little thumbnail thingy worked! So I dozed to nostalgic Owl City.

Then, the writer in me took charge. By then , it’s 5 in the morning and I haven’t slept a wink. So I started writing a story (Not my best, but interesting. This girl lives in a world where creativity has just been banned. It’s more of a tragic short story, but I like it. Then again, I haven’t slept for a while…). I got bored, dropped it halfway through, and realized it was 6.

I went to the living room, got a bowl of cereal, and watched Supernatural.

Good morning, if I do say so myself. ~Coolio out