um hi guys. (still not creative I just wanna talk)

Okay I’m kind of uncomfortable with this site still. Idk how to work it and stuff. And literally ALL THE PEOPLE ON HERE are serious about things. I AM THE LEAST SERIOUS PERSON ALIVE. I AM A FANGIRL AND AM UNCOMFORTABLE HIDING MY FANGIRLYNESS LIKE HALF OF YOU MAY OR MAY NOT BE DOING. I like being able to get on a website and do/say stuff w/o my family looking over my shoulder and my not-as-close friends judging me harshly (obvs not you boorat. Ur perf). I feel like this is my equivalent to a YouTube channel, in which I don’t have to show my face. (I’m rly self-conscious. I try not to be but yknow. Human nature does as it pleases) I also feel like I’m not funny. Ever. (Except when doing stupid things or telling stupid jokes. And then, they’re usually inside jokes. Which brings me and my friends closer, but I can’t really share that humour with other people.)

Yeah that was gonna go somewhere but I lost it so… HEY HOW BOUT I TALK ABOUT MY HATRED OF G3 MY LITTLE PONY

Yeah, it’s kinda stupid but g3 makes me mad bcuz they’re so unattractive. Look at that and tell me it isn’t ugly.


And they have some stupid names too I mean “tink-a-tink-a-too”? “Baby pink sunsparkle”? Wooow Rainbow Dash is 20 percent cooler than those names, at least.

And g4 ponies are fun and I love them because color schemes and nice drawing and names and I really relate with fluttershy like a lot man. And there was an entire episode in which the CMC were trying to get Cheerilee a date (which ended up as Big Mac, don’t tell me that’s not funny or cute). AND THEN Cheerilee was all like “its cool being alone on valentines day. Besides my Special Pony will be there someday” and I think that’s awesome. “Kids, a girl/boyfriend isn’t everything. Don’t freak out when ur alone on V-day. You’ll find him/her someday.”

Yeah. There’s my opinion on g3 and g4. Maybe I’ll do another post addressing my feelings on the other generations later. ~Coolio, out

(And here’s my phone background for you curious cats)



13 thoughts on “um hi guys. (still not creative I just wanna talk)

  1. (Boorat I trust you to not tell any real life people who actually know me about any of this. I don’t need people thinking I’m anything but indifferent and strong.) (Meaning that if my mother sits me down and tries to talk to me about my insecurities, I’ll find u and ill cut u I swear)

    • Rah Rory bby. Actually, my first background on this phone was Ben, the second was 10 & 11 in fairy costumes. This is currently my third background. I’ve had this phone since Wednesday. I predict Rory will be a background photo sometime in the near future, among other people.

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