I am running out of titles you guys.

So a couple months ago, my friend showed me this youtube series and she said it was really funny. So, naturally, I put off watching it, for a couple different reasons:

1) I hate watching videos when my family is in the house. Like, I’ll just be chilling, minding my own business when BAM in comes a little demon to ruin my fun. And you see, the thing is, when whoever comes in, the video or screenshot or whatever is at the WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT IT COULD BE ON. Usually this entails inappropriate jokes, swear words, and other stuff I don’t mind or care about. But that seems to be the only thing anyone can ever see or hear. So this has resulted in my natural instinct to be “hide the screen. Idc if there’s no one else in the house right now. Someone’s gonna see.” (That is part of my self-diagnosed paranoia, which I’ll talk about another time.) Which means that anyone in the room with me thinks I’m hiding something. IM NOT A MURDERER YOU GUYS, YOU DONT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ME. Long story short, my mom doesn’t trust me. At all. Ever.

2) School. ‘Wow u actually do schoolwork’ yah shut up I don’t completely not care… What I do is I talk myself into procrastinating, but I convince myself that I’m not allowed to write stories (which is productive), post on any social media website (not so productive), or do anything other than whine to myself about how hard the work is and daydream about what I’m gonna do when I end up staying up till 2 in the morning working on some stupid project. Yeah I’m a bad person.

3) I’m just literally really lazy. Its gotten to the point that I procrastinate my TV shows and my youtubers (usually because reason one or because I’m just selfish and don’t want to share my babies with the uncultured swines(?) I live with)

BUT NOW I don’t have schoolwork, and I can sit on my phone and watch videos late into the night.

So on to that video series: Bravest Warriors. It is my new favorite thing, rivaled only by Sherlock, Doctor Who, Nightvale, and Dan&Phil. I can’t explain it, except that its kinda like Adventure Time (which I love, btw). Seriously, just go watch it.


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