Sooo… We need something lighthearted. Here you go. ~Coolio

Joke #1: Why do the French only use one egg in their omelets? Because in France, one egg is UN OUEF (have a frenchie say that) (it’s pronounced like “enough”)

Joke #2: Why are math teachers such good dancers? Because they have an algo-rhythm!

Joke #3: Math is like a 4n language to me.

Joke #4: So there’s a triathlon for cats going on, and these three cats are competing. Their names are One-Two-Three, Uno-Dos-Tres, and Un-Deux-Trois. The first parts are running and climbing, and they all do fine. But in the third part, swimming, only One-Two-Three and Uno-Dos-Tres made it to the finish. Poor little Un-Duex-Trois cat sank (quatre cinq) (Un = 1, Deux = 2, Trois = 3, Quatre = 4, Cinq = 5) (Its funnier if you speak French)

Sorry there are so few, I’m tired and lazy and can only think of these.

Leave any other jokes in the comments and I’ll add them to my arsenal.


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