You know, I don’t think you guys understand how great my obsession with Dan Howell is. Like, every time I look at him, I think “Wow, isn’t my future husband just gorgeous?” I swear, I can see us hugging, literally, right now. I’m afraid that when I meet him (whenever that may be), I’m just gonna be all casual and like walk up to him and hug him or whatever (kiss him obviously because we’re married and married couples can do that) and he’s just gonna be like “Whaaaat who is this crazy chick? I’ve never seen her before in my life!” And then he’ll file a restraining order or whatever. Is this what unrequited love feels like? Because it’s horrible. I hate it. And, at the same time, I love it. But not as much as I love Daniel James Howell. (That’s not creepy, it’s common knowledge. Stop looking at me weird. What?!)

Here, look.

Image Image

He’s cute, right? Yeahhh, I know.

Remember: He’s MINE. Stay AWAY from him. Or else. *smiles dangerously* (Hehe DANgerously… hehehe….) ~Coolio


11 thoughts on “Danisnotonfire

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  2. NO
    How’s about we share him and Phil?
    Wait…actually…oh God…you were pretty adamant in your last sentence!
    OK I’ll stick with Connor (Franta)…:)
    Oh and btw, you ARE the cooliest 🙂
    Awesome post, my friend.

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