Okay, I decided to try something new. I wrote a lovely little story for you all! It started out as a sob story and then got really dark and turned into a sort of fanfiction. Tell me what y’all think! ~Coolio


She closed her eyes, bracing herself, preparing herself for the worst, and clicked. A list of names popped up on the computer screen and she scrolled through them. The first time, searching, desperately searching. The second, in denial and disbelief, sure she had misread something, somewhere. The third, sadly, just to make sure she wasn’t mistaken. The fourth, angrily, spiteful, searching through the names to see which among them were the obvious ones. The ones that always get the callbacks.

                She leaned back in her chair, breathing deeply, in and out, in and out. Nothing helped. The anger and detestation she had coursing through her just moments ago had been replaced with an overwhelming sense of failure. She had failed. Her name was not on the callback list. What had she messed up? Did she miss a note, a word? Could she go back and fix it, somehow? No, of course not. Time travel is not here yet, and even if it was, she couldn’t change it. Universal laws and whatnot.

                She pressed her hands up to her mouth, shaking uncontrollably, eyesight blurring. Thankful that no one else was in the room, she let the tears spill over, and they kept coming, pouring down her cheeks. She sat there and cried, releasing the pain the only way that she knew how.

                When she had cried herself out, she wiped her eyes with her shirt sleeve and walked into the bathroom, making sure no one could see her. She looked in the mirror and blinked rapidly, trying to not look as though she had been crying for the past thirty minutes. She splashed some water on her face. Somehow, that always helped her look calmer, more acceptable.

Finished with her wallowing, she straightened her back and walked back into her own room with her computer, and a special little book that nobody else knew about. She opened it up and took out a pencil, put it back, and grabbed a pen instead, for permanence. She looked at the list and highlighted the first name. Visualizing the face that went with the name, she wrote it down in her notebook, followed by the word “accident.” Confident that one would be enough, she put the pen back, and closed the notebook, sliding it’s fake cover back on top of it, so that nobody could see the words adorning the front: Death Note.


2 thoughts on “Whaaat

  1. Dude. How did you come up with this? This is worse than my idea to write a story about that killer toddler. (for anyone whodoesn’t know me personally-which is anyone except Coolio: I am NOT some crazed writter like Edgar Allen Poe. I just thought it was a neat idea)

    • Well excuuuuuse me but I thought it was pretty good. Not nearly as good as my haiku about cough drops (which will be another post) but y’know, still. And, as soon as I finish the first chapter of my Hedge!lock fanfic, I’ll post the link and you can read it! Woot woot. (For anyone who doesn’t know us, which is all of you: Boorat and I ARE crazed writers, or at least crazed humans)

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