Okay, it has occurred to me that, here, on this website, I am probably the most hyperactive person. Like ever. BUT I WILL NOT CHANGE You see, I have nowhere else to fangirl. If y’all wanna act mature and talk in lowercase letters, fine. Do your thing. But I will USE AS MANY CAPITAL LETTERS AS I WANT I mean, it IS my blog. I’m not here to please YOU. I’m here to please ME. So, sooner or later, people of my kind will start taking over here, trust me. We will infect your minds. We will kidnap your wives and children (and husbands, for you ladies out there, I’m not sexist, don’t worry) Oh, and I will make as many bad puns and weird comments as I want. Like this one. What kind of math do trees do? Twigonometree, with the occasional square root. Shut up I’m hilarious I doN’T NEED YOUR CRITICISM YOU HEATHENS GO AWAY

Yeah, just thought y’all should know. We will be lurking in the shadows. When we get enough people, we will take over. It WILL be a success for us. Besides, why don’t you go outside? *she says mockingly* You need those cool little Sunshine Vitamins to make you grow. How do you know this, Coolio? I’ve been on an ASAPScience spree. Whee! (If you don’t know who ASAPScience is, here’s the channel, check it out. ) (BTW, the guy who narrates it, Mitchell Moffit? You know him? Yeah, well HE’S MINE. Stay. Away. From. Him. *growls and hovers protectively next to computer screen* MINE *snaps teeth and growls louder*)

Okay, I think I’m done. But I will continue fangirling about things, just in smaller doses (to help you cope. I mean, when you start a new drug, you don’t start shooting full doses, or smoking full packs, right? Baby steps, kids, baby steps.) (*exaggerated sigh* No, I don’t do drugs, mom. Stop asking. *glottal fry* (if you don’t know what that is, google it))

Okay, this is Coolio, signing off. ~Coolio


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