Okay, I decided to try something new. I wrote a lovely little story for you all! It started out as a sob story and then got really dark and turned into a sort of fanfiction. Tell me what y’all think! ~Coolio


She closed her eyes, bracing herself, preparing herself for the worst, and clicked. A list of names popped up on the computer screen and she scrolled through them. The first time, searching, desperately searching. The second, in denial and disbelief, sure she had misread something, somewhere. The third, sadly, just to make sure she wasn’t mistaken. The fourth, angrily, spiteful, searching through the names to see which among them were the obvious ones. The ones that always get the callbacks.

                She leaned back in her chair, breathing deeply, in and out, in and out. Nothing helped. The anger and detestation she had coursing through her just moments ago had been replaced with an overwhelming sense of failure. She had failed. Her name was not on the callback list. What had she messed up? Did she miss a note, a word? Could she go back and fix it, somehow? No, of course not. Time travel is not here yet, and even if it was, she couldn’t change it. Universal laws and whatnot.

                She pressed her hands up to her mouth, shaking uncontrollably, eyesight blurring. Thankful that no one else was in the room, she let the tears spill over, and they kept coming, pouring down her cheeks. She sat there and cried, releasing the pain the only way that she knew how.

                When she had cried herself out, she wiped her eyes with her shirt sleeve and walked into the bathroom, making sure no one could see her. She looked in the mirror and blinked rapidly, trying to not look as though she had been crying for the past thirty minutes. She splashed some water on her face. Somehow, that always helped her look calmer, more acceptable.

Finished with her wallowing, she straightened her back and walked back into her own room with her computer, and a special little book that nobody else knew about. She opened it up and took out a pencil, put it back, and grabbed a pen instead, for permanence. She looked at the list and highlighted the first name. Visualizing the face that went with the name, she wrote it down in her notebook, followed by the word “accident.” Confident that one would be enough, she put the pen back, and closed the notebook, sliding it’s fake cover back on top of it, so that nobody could see the words adorning the front: Death Note.



Okay, it has occurred to me that, here, on this website, I am probably the most hyperactive person. Like ever. BUT I WILL NOT CHANGE You see, I have nowhere else to fangirl. If y’all wanna act mature and talk in lowercase letters, fine. Do your thing. But I will USE AS MANY CAPITAL LETTERS AS I WANT I mean, it IS my blog. I’m not here to please YOU. I’m here to please ME. So, sooner or later, people of my kind will start taking over here, trust me. We will infect your minds. We will kidnap your wives and children (and husbands, for you ladies out there, I’m not sexist, don’t worry) Oh, and I will make as many bad puns and weird comments as I want. Like this one. What kind of math do trees do? Twigonometree, with the occasional square root. Shut up I’m hilarious I doN’T NEED YOUR CRITICISM YOU HEATHENS GO AWAY

Yeah, just thought y’all should know. We will be lurking in the shadows. When we get enough people, we will take over. It WILL be a success for us. Besides, why don’t you go outside? *she says mockingly* You need those cool little Sunshine Vitamins to make you grow. How do you know this, Coolio? I’ve been on an ASAPScience spree. Whee! (If you don’t know who ASAPScience is, here’s the channel, check it out. http://www.youtube.com/user/AsapSCIENCE ) (BTW, the guy who narrates it, Mitchell Moffit? You know him? Yeah, well HE’S MINE. Stay. Away. From. Him. *growls and hovers protectively next to computer screen* MINE *snaps teeth and growls louder*)

Okay, I think I’m done. But I will continue fangirling about things, just in smaller doses (to help you cope. I mean, when you start a new drug, you don’t start shooting full doses, or smoking full packs, right? Baby steps, kids, baby steps.) (*exaggerated sigh* No, I don’t do drugs, mom. Stop asking. *glottal fry* (if you don’t know what that is, google it))

Okay, this is Coolio, signing off. ~Coolio


I apologize for being dead. I was school. And fandom. I JOINED NEW FANDOMS. Here I shall list them. Like, 5000000000 of them are manga/anime whoops

-Fruits Basket is a lovely manga and ohmYGOsh you GUIse my oTPS are COnFliCTING. It’s basically about this family that has A CURSE in which if they are hugged by someone of the opposite gender, they turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Yup. I love it.

Fruits Basket

-Black Butler is another manga which was actually the first one I read and got into (we’re discluding Naruto because I never got into that sorry you guise don’t kill me please I love you all here have a cookie *cowers*) This one is about a butler named Sebastian and a young man named Ciel Phantomhive (he’s like 12 years old and the head of his family and a business wot) [SPOILER ALERT sebastian is not human shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone it’s a secret SPOILER OVER] I ADORE BLACK BUTLER SOOOO MUCH LIKE AH (I am also trying to get into the anime but don’t seem to have the time. Whoops hehe)

Black Butler

-Death Note. Okay you guys, I don’t know if this one counts, cuz I’ve only read the first one but I’M TRYING. Anywho, it’s also a manga (WHAAAT A SURPRIIIIISE *heavy sarcasm*) It’s about this kid who found a Death Note (a death god’s notebook) If you write someone’s name and a cause of death into it, they die of said cause. He kinda goes a little bit crazy with all that power. Hehe smooth move Light.

Death Note

-Maximum Ride. This one is special. I started off this addiction with the manga instead of the original written books (sorry don’t kill me have another cookie) OHEMGEE ITS FABULOUS. So it’s about these kids who were experimented on and now they have wings. The bad scientist people and their Erasers (these bad wolfman mutation things. don’t mess with them. they like killing. hehe yeahhh) are trying to FIND AND KILL the kids (whose names and ages (which I felt should be included) are Maximum – 14, Fang – 14, Iggy – 14, Nudge – 11, the Gasman – 8, and Angel – 6) (Max is a cool cat and is the leader. She’s pretty legit. Fang is… He’s a special one. Iggy is the one I feel the most pity for cuz he’s blind. Nudge I really don’t like, not because I’m racist, she’s just an irritating character. Gazzy (the Gasman) is Angel’s big brother and… Look at his name and figure it out. Angel is a cutie who I have mixed feelings about.)

Maximum Ride






-And now, the weather. Was I part of the Night Vale fandom before I made my last post? I don’t know, and do not care to check, as I am lazy. Now, this is a special one. It’s a podcast, which means no video, but I still love it with all my heart. Just like Cecil loves Carlos. Hehehe… I recently finished podcast 5, you know, The Shape in Grove Park? Ah, yes. The Shape that No One Acknowledges or Speaks About. I’m afraid the City Council has told me to stop speaking about it and acknowledging it, so I must stop talking, seeing as they just vaporized the intern who brought me their message. Goodnight, readers. Goodnight. *cue cool theme music* ~Coolio

Night Vale

BONUS PICTURE: I thought this was really cool and didn’t really want to make a separate post for it. Like when writing an essay and that extra sentence adds another page? I hate to do that. So I’m gonna pack it all onto this one page I mean post. Here you go! Isn’t that wondrous?