Mmmkay. I suppose I should probably start this baby blog off with an introduction. So, hello! I’m in love with the British nation. I’m obviously not the first, but I am part of the British fandom (group of people who are absolutely obsessed with a thing). Soooooo… I will likely end up posting mostly British posts. Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, the like. And then the occasional Supernatural, because hey. You can’t limit me. But, um… Yeah, I will also post, like, bandom stuff (fandom, but for bands) or YouTube related stuff. Like I said, no limits. So I’m basically your average Tumblrian that strayed to a different website. Off-brand, if you will. Now, I think I’ll stop wasting your precious time. How about you go on and have a life or something, whatever normal people do. Later, peeps! ~iamthecooliest


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